Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig

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Water’s Memory

“All life processes are directly or indirectly connected with water, therefore it entitles water to have a very high priority and positioning in the environmental situation,” according to Dr. Ludwig.

Question: “Dr. Ludwig, you have formulated the thesis stating that water has a memory like an elephant. What exactly does this statement refer to?”
Dr. Ludwig: “This statement refers to the following: water has the ability to transfer information, once it has obtained it, to other systems such as living organisms. Before we illuminate this in detail, we will recall some of the basic characteristics of water.

We know our organism is made of 75% water. We could survive several weeks without food, but without water, we can only survive a few days.

When we drink poisonously charged water we are thereby creating, as the years go by, the basis of diseases and/or a weak health condition in general. Around the world, water is often chemically and mechanically “purified” with the intention of ridding the water of as many poisonous substances as possible. This is not even in its own limited way sufficient. If we for instance take a look at the limits for nitrate, they might be pretty harmless to adults, while to infants they can be very dangerous. There is no political or scientific agreement upon the chemical quality of fresh water as it ought to be!”

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany is known as the absolute authority or as “the father” of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig has significantly contributed to the development in the field of complementary medicine in Germany. Dr. Ludwig’s name is well known amongst alternative therapists in Europe and North America.


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