Russell Wright

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Hello seeker of Perfected Waters,

My name is Russell Wright and I am an inventor, neurocatalyst and online strategist. I make my living building conceptual models of various kinds. I have had the great fortune over the last two decades to be mentored by several brilliant “mad-scientist” who only seem “mad” because they already live in the future.

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Note and Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. I do not necessarily endorse or believe all (or any) of the entertaining videos that have been uploaded to this website by my team. Nor do I necessarily support or endorse every belief system (actual or implied) associated with any single video on this website. I suggest that when viewing material on the web that we keep an open mind . . . but not let our brains fall out.

We Can't Call It "Medicine Water" But . . .

Ramona explains that in order for any pathogen to take over an organism, they need to come to power. Basically a foreign invader will evolve over time into more sophisticated states eventually leading to opportunistic virulent forms we know as diseases.

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